Sunday, July 8, 2012

Trend watch: Tangerine

Tangerine is a huge color right now (especially after tangerine tango was named Pantone's color of the year), but it can be hard to pair. Here are some questions to ask yourself so you can make it work with your style and skin tone.

Statement or subtle?
Are you trying to be bold with your color choice, or merely show your knowledge of color trends off in a simple outfit? If its the former, go all out and wear a cool pattern involving tangerine, or maybe a statement necklace. If it's the latter, go for a pretty lightweight blouse in tangerine, perfect for the warm summer months!
These cute floral shorts

This gorgeous J. Crew Bubble necklace

This polished but casual polka-dot blouse
Formal or casual?
Will you wear tangerine to a nice dinner out or to the beach with friends? If you need a more formal look, a darker color would be better, in a more polished fabric like silk or satin. Try a deep tangerine dress, or a sheer button down tucked into a white pencil skirt. Add some nude pumps and you'll be looking classic yet trendy! If you're going casual, opt for a softer fabric in a pastel or neon. Try a pretty pastel tangerine floaty dress as a coverup on a trip to the beach, or toss on some bright shorts to hang out at the mall with friends.
This gorgeous number from Free People for an evening party- also comes in mint, another trendy color this season!

This light piece for fun at the beach.
Pale or tan?
If you're pale, orange is probably already a hard color for you to wear. Stay away from pastel tangerine, as it will make you look washed out (pastel pink or lilac would be more flattering). However, a neon hue can actually make you look tanner, while a darker shade of tangerine will bring out your porcelain skin in a good way. If you have a deeper skin tone, it will be pretty easy to get away with this. If you get your tan from a bottle, though, you have to be especially careful not to use an orange-y spray tanner. Wearing a shade of orange with that will just bring it out! Pastel or a dark shade would look great and bring out your tan even more, while a more muted color will blend in and do little for your skin tone.

For pale skin, try this gorgeous neon orange in a classic cut
If you're tan, check out this pastel pinky-orange with cute neon detailing
A great option for pale OR tan skin is this deep tangerine- the red tone will work well with either skin type!
Once you've thought about your answers to these questions, you should be good to go. I hope this helps you pull off this gorgeous, fun color!

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