Friday, July 13, 2012

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 Review

As mentioned in the name of the product, this Lip Balm is #1, at least in my opinion. Silky smooth, long lasting, incredibly moisturizing, reasonably priced and with AMAZING scents, these are my favorite lip balms of all time.

The only downside is that the applicator doesn't have a slanted surface, so it can't be applied directly to the lips. However, since I primarily use this overnight, it's not a problem for me since I can just use my
fingers without worrying about cleanliness like I would if I were out and about.

So glossy and smooth!
Pictured are the lip balms in scents mango and cranberry, but they also come in mint, pear, vanilla, and coconut. I've tried and also loved the last two, but I prefer these two fruitier scents. They don't provide any color, but leave a beautiful sheen to your lips. As I said, I usually apply these at night and wake up with wonderfully smooth and supple lips. However, if you apply this during the day, in my experience it can stay on for 2 to 6 hours, depending on how much you eat, drink, and talk. SPF 4 won't do much, but it certainly doesn't hurt!

Cranberry- slight berry tint
Mango- slight coral tint
For $7, I would certainly recommend picking up at least one of these sweet-smelling miracle workers. You only need the tiniest bit, so one tube will give you at least a few months of gorgeous lips!

On a random note, if I have a really late night, I smooth a tiny bit of this on around my eye area and wake up completely bag-free! It really hydrates my skin and prevents the normal puffiness and darkness. However, as with any product not meant for application on the eyes, I'm always careful not to put it too close to my eyes- just on the skin around them. Also, I generally have dry skin, so if it's having an especially rough time, I rub a very (VERY) thin layer on my face and the next morning, my skin is glowing and looks practically airbrushed. Of course, Kiehl's has other amazing products for these purposes, but this is sort of an all-in-one product for me that can pretty much moisturize any part of my face in a pinch!

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