Monday, July 2, 2012

Top 3 Random Shower Tips

How to get the most out of your shower:

1) After you finish cleaning everything that needs to be cleaned, give your skin a bit of a shock treatment by turning the water as cold as it goes (I would recommend stepping out of the way if possible) and splashing a few handfuls on your face. The hot water opens up your pores to clean out your skin, and the cold will close them up again to keep out dirt and dust for longer.

2) Don't rub your skin with your towel- this aggravates the skin and could cause wrinkles later in life, especially because of the rough texture of most towels. Instead, gently pat and press the cloth into your skin to soak up the water.

3) Moisturize as soon as getting out. Your skin is already stimulated by the heat and there is increased blood flow to the surface of your skin for the same reason, so this is the optimal time to put on moisturizer. The skin will be more likely to absorb it, and also more likely to retain it as it cools and the pores close.

Hope these tips help- they have certainly made my skin more glowy and fresh-looking! :)

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